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The BBT solution that is sprayed through an airbrush is a combination of ingredients that include DHA and cosmetic bronzers. DHA is a clear substance and this is what will eventually darken the outermost layer of the skin to create a tanned appearance. A DHA tan will fully develop after 16 hours. The Cosmetic Bronzers are added as a visual colour guide. The cosmetic bronzers will give the appearance of being instantly tanned but will wash off with the first shower revealing the DHA golden tan underneath.   It is important to inform clients that the immediate colour that is visible is from the cosmetic bronzers only. The DHA tan will take hours to fully develop. If clients do not understand this then they will think that their tan is being washed away with their first shower! The percentage of DHA will determine how dark the tan develops, the higher percentage the darker the tan, but be careful because too high a percentage of DHA will not develop properly on paler skin tones. There are some companies that hide their percentage of DHA. We, at BEACH  BODY  TAN ®, prefer to let our customers know.  It is not only the percentage and quality of DHA which affect the colour development but also the quality of the cosmetic bronzers that are used. It is a marriage of DHA and Bronzers.  BEACH  BODY  TAN ® does not recommend a higher percentage than 12%. Our experience and many trials have shown us that this produces a "dirty" looking tan.
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